hi hello, this is my project webbed site! i'm mostly using it to practice coding for funsies so PSA it's Always under construction. I plan to use it as a place to be silly and talk about the stuff that i enjoy and save things i love but ultimately have no use for.

have fun clicking around! also for your enjoyment, see some videos that are currently on my mind :)) also, this is me when i code this website btw


5/2/24: finally updated the art area on the blog page! it's mostly some silly stuff, but i've recently been playing with oil pastels and going places to draw them and im really proud of those ones :)

second update today, just wrote another blog post, fixed all of the screwy images on the blog page, and changed the main meme to something that my housemate made a little while ago. planning on adding to the art and plant sections soon.

4/30/24: hi im actually not dead i swear!! im planning on changing out some graphics and maybe fixing up the home page because i don't quite enjoy the format anymore. it's really silly but i feel like i can probably do something more interesting, i just have to look around for ideas

2/10/24: made another blog post and added some more blinkies and dinosaur stickers to the blog :))))) im probably gonna do an overhaul of this front page soon because it no longer represents my coding abilities lol i think i could make it sillier for sure! hope you guys are doing so so good and that you are marveling at something as much as i am the green spotted pufferfish!

2/9/24: hi, i think my updates to the blog page are finally done! i didn't manage to put everything i wanted in there, but i got pretty close and i think a lot of the other stuff i was planning is gonna go in the personal section because it really just is my thoughts about silly things. n e way i hope everyone is doing good and having at least a 7 out of 10 day.

1/30/24: wahoo it me again on the same day WILD but uhh yeah figured out the bg for the blog and added a navbar, now im just trying to establish the layout and bring back the blinkies. sleep good weirdos

1/30/24: hi hello sorry that the blog has been in total disarray for like five days, i've just been busy with work and school and friends and stuff so im kinda going nuts, but i've added the plant page on there now and made some format fixes. planning on spending some time soon adding other pages like the psych blog and music recs. i hope you're all doing well :))) i also definitely need to change the videos on this page (except for lazy mountain that one is eternal sorry guys)

note to self, need to take picture of some fun crumpled up paper for blog bg, probably better than anything online.. borrow nice camera maybe????

1/25/24; hi hi guys, ummm if you look at the blog today no you didn't working on fixing it up and giving it a different vibe literally that page does not exist until i say so thanks

1/12/24: hey guys, i've made some good progress today on reformatting the blog to be a bit more fun, but it's definitely got more work to be done, so i'm not publishing it quite yet. just wanted to let you guys know that im not totally abandoning this project, it's actually something im super excited about and i feel like i've made a good bit of progress :))) i hope you guys are doing well and staying safe <3

1/8/24: hi hello, whoooa it's a different year! see the blog to get why i've been gone for longer than usual lol. i haven't changed much of anything yet, but im working on getting the blog formatted in a more interesting way, kinda like a notebook collage type dealio. might end up combining some of the other pages into the blog to condense all of my silly lists and information that may not merit their own page haha. hope you're doing good and hopefully i'll be around a little more often :)

12/1/23: whoa it december whatta hell! n e way hi i hope you're doing good, i'm just spending some time adding more blinkies to the archive and putting in some pokemon gifs where they make sense. oh quagsire and wooper how i love you. also plan to add lampent and chandelure and some other good ones from before they made the sprites static. im literally so mad about that how could you do this to my boys.

11/24/23: hi hello new blog post about pokemon again because i am once again wide awake at egregious hours of the night. as my lovely boyfriend decided to put it my circadian rhythm has gone from classic rock to progressive metal

11/19/23: holy shit im just now realizing how long i've been sick for ok cool! n e way, new blog post! not anything important, just some pokemon stuff because i've been talking about it w my boyfriend recently. hope you all are good and healthy :)

11/14/23: hi hello everyone, it's 5:45 am where i am and i've been having a hard time sleeping so i added another section to the music page, a few more blinkies and such on the archive page and i'm trying to fix the empty bullet point in the links box but idk where that's coming from right now and i should probably go to bed instead of watching the princess diaries two. hope you're having a good one out there :)

11/12/23: hi, didn't have any plans this weekend so i spent a bunch of time adding new stuff. added the sound corner which is just a little place for cute gifs with background noise. please forgive the strange dimensions, i made them to fit my second monitor which is pretty weird. also spent some time adding more stamps and blinkies on several pages. i hope you're doing good :) planning on making some kind of guestbook soon

11/8/23: had some free time today, so i posted a new collage on the art page, added some mee mees to the archive as well as color ordering the stamps and blinkies on the side :) hope you're doing good dudes.

11/7/23: hi hello, just added an update to the plant page, oh wow i just realized it's been exactly a month good job me fucka yeah :D n e way, did that and added a collage i made last week to the art page, might add a couple more mee mees here and there and that's all i've got. hope you're doing good out there!

10/25/23: hi :) spent the last couple of days finding more blinkies for the blog page and organizing them in rainbow order!

10/19/23: hey guys, i just added some of my collages to the art page and a blog post, but that's about it for now, i'm pretty busy with applying to grad schools so i probably won't be able to add fun stuff as often :'(

10/8/23: just added a ton of silly images to the archive, as well as blinkies and stamps on the side, hopefully i'll be able to add more soon :) planning on adding maybe a weekly/monthly update to the plants page. hope you're good :)

10/7/23: hi hello, just added all of the images and captions to the plant page, might screw around and add more blinkies and stuff. i love making this site look as nauseatingly colorful as possible it's silly fun. hope you're doing good out there!

10/5/23: hi again, i'm doing a pretty big overhaul on this, so there's not a lot to see, but hopefully you enjoy your time here and the silly graphics while i just have fun. thanks :)